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  • helpful 
  • useful 
  • informative 
  • relevant
  • practical
  • actionable 
  • timely 
  • generous 
  • credible 
  • brief 
  • entertaining 
  • fun 
  • occasionally funny

==>What social media can do for media pros and others:

  • find new ideas, trends and sources
  • connect with readers and viewers in new ways
  • bring eyeballs, traffic and attention to their work 
  • help them create, craft and enhance their brands

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World Map of Social Networks

World Map of Social Networks

love and hate on twitter

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FACEBOOK: Charlie Rose interviews Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg

From Chitra Wadhwani (@cwadhwani), supervising producer of “Charlie Rose,” sent out this un-embargoed transcript and video excerpt of a joint interview with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg that will run tonight on Charlie Rose’s PBS program.

See http://www.pbs.org/stationfinder/index.html for exact listings.

The interview was conducted last Thursday at the Facebook offices in Palo Alto. It covered a wide range of topics including the company’s mission, competition with Google, China, the Arab spring, the goals of an IPO, the privacy debate, the lack of engineering talent in the U.S and more.

All references to the interview must credit “Charlie Rose.”

Mark Zuckerberg
Sheryl Sandberg
Charlie Rose:
Tell me what the mission is today for Facebook.  You’ve got 800 million and counting —
Mark Zuckerberg:
Charlie Rose:
— users.
Mark Zuckerberg:
Charlie Rose:
It’s an extraordinary reach.  Someone said it’s the most expansive human enabler of communication, or an enabler of human communication there has ever been.
Mark Zuckerberg:
We’re trying.
Charlie Rose:
You’re doing well at it too.  So what’s the mission?  Where is this thing going?

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MUST-READ: A friend’s friend’s thoughts on FB and beyond

Hilarious. I was told I could circulate if I didn’t use her name.

You’ve invited me, we’ve talked about it, or you’ve shown it to me.  Oh, I wish I could remember how many people have invited me to join Facebook; I’d include them all here. With thanks for the love and attention.

But here it is:  I’m not on Facebook!  I’m not on Linkedin! I’m not on anything, really, aside from e-mail, land line, phone and good old-fashioned mail.  Does this mean I don’t exist? That I will be friendless?  Oh, dear.

Please consider me a friend and a professional contact.  Really and truly, and not in quotation marks.  If I have only a shadow of an electronic existence, know that I really do exist.

Just like the virtually present people on Facebook, I’m cooking dinner, grading papers, going to exhibitions and scratching my head thoughtfully from time to time.  I, too, like music.  And Linkedin, well, I’m not sure what that is, but I’m probably doing that stuff, too — unless it’s the part of life where you have to have business cards, go to conferences you aren’t interested in and (most difficult for me) remember people’s names once you’ve been introduced.  I can only remember what they work on, not what they are a director OF, or what they’ve won or published, and certainly not their names.

As a professional and a networker, I’m a disaster.  But you knew that.  Yes, it’s true, I’m a gnarly old hag in the forest, baking cookies, attending to cauldrons of laundry and crooning over old books.  But please know that I feel sweet affection for you all and, if we are not already in regular contact, I do want to be in touch.

If you got through that and didn’t at least smile about all the social-networking madness around us, let me know and I will buy you a drink the next time we are in the same city and the same bar/coffee shop.