TWITTER: @Sreenet’s Twitter Guide for Newbies & Skeptics

Twitter Ideas: A work in progress by @sreenet
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This is meant to be a way to introduce Twitter to skeptics and newbies and is NOT comprehensive.

==>A big welcome to the TechCrunch readers who are here thanks to the mention in  @vwadhwa’s piece on why Twitter is his only social-networking tool.

[Many thanks to @NatIves for putting me on Ad Age’s 25 media people to follow. Also, thank you to OnlineSchools for putting me on Top 100 Twitterers in Academia. Armed with these, I can… well, what, exactly?]


Intros to Twitter:

Breaking News

By and for Journalists

Big Tech Names

Business Stuff:

Other Names You Know:

Fun & Funny!

List of Suggested Twitterers & Curated Tweets

Job Hunting:

HOW-TO: Twitter Tools I use:

  • my favorite URL shortener, thanks to access to metrics; my old review (much improved since then):
  • Twiangulate: find new people to follow by seeing who people you know are following in common
    • if you prefer a web-based way to track tweets + allows you to do something really important - post-date your tweets (ie, put ‘em on a timer) + allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts + previews a short link before you click
    • TweetDeck: a downloadable program that lets you keep track of a range of tweets and arrange them into groups
    • a Firefox extension that gives you a sidebar full of live tweets.
    • a version of Firefox that’s optimized for social media - get tweets, Facebook updates, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, etc, instantly, while never leaving Firefox
    • offers variety of tools, including, of course, ability to tweet later, along with auto-follow (be careful how use that feature)
    • TwitterForBusyPeople: lets you see who’s tweeted recently among your followers - or anyone else’s followers.

HOW-TO: Improving Your Twittering

HOW-TO: All about RTs

HOW-TO: All About Followers

Twitter Troubles/Problems/Issues

Random Twitter stuff:

  • DuyLinTu’s tweet: A friend just got paid over $20K to set up someone’s twitter account and “manage it.” Moral? Dumb people make smart people recession-proof.

Cartoons about Twitter:

Top 25 Twitter Cartoons

View more documents from Chad Richards.

2009 in Social Media

CollegeHumor’s Twitter in Real Life:

Watch Real Life Twitter on CollegeHumor

Twittelah, Twitter for Your Jewish Mother:

And now, Flutter - 26-character updates:

Video of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on Stephen Colbert’s show:
The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Biz

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Suggestions welcome: sree[at]

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